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The East Cameron Gas Sukuk Summary


Sukuk Name: East Cameron Gas Company Sukuk


Issue Size: USD $165,670,000


Closing Date: 15 June 2006


Shari’ah structure: Musharakah


Currency: USD


Maturity/Tenor: 13 years


Underlying Assets: Oil and gas


Rated by: Standard & Poor’s


Rating: CCC+ to CC and in March 2009 D


Payments: Quarterly


Return: 11.25%




The General Electric Sukuk Summary


Sukuk Name: GE Capital Sukuk


Issue Size: USD $500,000,000.00


Closing Date: Shari’ah structure: Ijarah


Currency: USD


Maturity/Tenor: 5 years due for maturity in November 2014


Underlying Assets: Aircraft leases


Rated by: Standard & Poor’s


Rating: AA+


Payments: Semi- annually (May and November, due in 2014)


Return: 3.875%




The Goldman Sachs Sukuk Summary


Sukuk Name: Goldman Sachs Sukuk


Issue Size: USD $500 Million


Closing Date: Shari’ah structure: Wakalah


Currency: USD


Maturity/Tenor: 5 years due for maturity in September 23, 2019


Underlying Assets: Wakalah Portfolio with 51% invested in Shariáh Compliant commodities and 49% in Murabahah Contracts under which a deferred payment price of US $507,663,000 is payable.


Rated by: Standard & Poor’s


Rating: A-/A+


Payments: Semi- annually (March and September, due in 2019)


Return: 2.8444%




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