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Al Huda African Islamic Banking Roadshow 2014 


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Hi from the Chicago Islamic Finance Conference where I emphasized the importance of the USA to get involved in the international sukuk industry. 



Islamic Finance for Lawyers with CPLE Credits, Lahore, Pakistan, October 24-25, 2014





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Here I am studying Hedging in Islamic Finance at the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) in Manama, Bahrain from Dr. Sami al Suwailem.



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I have just participated as a speaker in the Islamic Business Conference 2014 at Riphah University in Islamabad, Pakistan


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Here I am training in Sukuk in Karachi, Pakistan


Camille Paldi's Vision for Islamic Finance in America
Camille Paldi, CEO of FAAIF and UAE Country Manager for Al Huda Center for Islamic Banking and Economics, is putting forth a new vision and plan for Islamic finance in America. In our interview with Paldi, she expressed that through Al Huda and FAAIF, she seeks to bring Islamic finance to the United States in a form of Holy Book banking, which would benefit Christians, Jewish, Muslims, and people of any religion, color, or background.  She told our reporters that "Islamic finance is a form of finance that encourages profit and loss sharing, sharing of risk, financial stability through asset-based and backed finance, the avoidance of interest and excessive uncertainty, and the minimization of debt."  Not only does it provide encouragement for the small to medium businessman, however, Paldi says that "this form of finance promotes community, family, and individual welfare."  Paldi told us that this form of financing can provide social uplift in economically depressed areas and help family businesses stay afloat in the midst of massive corporate expansion.  In addition to promoting social uplift, Paldi seeks to enter the US market soon to start training banking and other professionals on Islamic banking and finance to help the United States to remain competitive in the international financial markets. Her vision for Islamic finance includes a firm regulatory and dispute resolution framework as well as worldwide acceptance and participation.  Paldi is confident that Islamic finance can be introduced in the United States without violating the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution.  She hopes to promote Islamic finance through the vehicle of Holy Book Banking, including all of the people of the Book.  Paldi closed the interview by stating that in addition to bringing Islamic banking and finance to the United States, she would also like to bring halal services to Black Muslims and the Muslim population residing in North America.

Holy Book Finance

In 1776, John Adams published "Thoughts on Government," in which he praises the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) as a "sober inquirer after truth" alongside Confucius, Zoroaster, Socrates, and other thinkers.
The Niche for Lights by al-Ghazzali 
Al Mustasfa (Sources of Islamic Jurisprudence) by al-Ghazzali
Why We should Perform Good Deeds  (Slides) (Paper) 

The Tense Dichotomy Between the Economic Goals of a Bank and Shari'ah Compliance


Shari'ah Ruling (Hukm) on Contemporary Banking with Interest


Historical Judgement on Riba by the Supreme Court of Pakistan



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