UAE Holidays and Annual Leave Under the UAE Labor Law

Posted on 15th February 2010 by Camille Paldi,

According to Article 74 of the UAE Labor Law, Federal Law No 8 of 1980 (the “Labor Law”), each worker shall be entitled to official holidays with full pay on the following occassions:

(a) New Year’s Day (Hegira): one day

(b) New Year’s Day (Christian): one day

(c) Feast of Lesser Bairam: two day

(d) Feast of Greater Bairam and Eve of Greater Bairam: three days

(e) Birthday of the Prophet: one day

(f) Nocturnal Journey and Ascension of the Prophet: one day

(g) National Day: one day

Usually, a worker is entitled to thirty days of paid leave per year.

Article 75 of the Labor Law states:

Every worker shall, within each year of service, be granted a period of annual leave of not less than:

(a) Two a month, where the worker’s period of service is more than six months but less than one year;

(b) 30 days a year, where the worker’s period of service is more than one year

Where a worker’s service is terminated, he shall be entitled to annual leave in respect of fractions of the last year.

Muslim workers are entitled to take special leave to go on the Hajj.

Article 87

Every worker shall be granted, once in the course of his period of service, special leave without pay for the purpose of fulfilling the obligation to make the pilgrimage (Hajj); such leave shall not be counted towards any other periodsĀ of leave and shall not exceed 30 days.

Posted on 15th February 2010 by Camille Paldi

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