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Posted on 5th August 2010 by Camille Paldi,



Dubai Internet City hosts a range of service providers in the areas of Software Development, Business Services, Web Based & e-Commerce, Consultancy, Education & Training, Sales & Marketing and Back Office Operations.  Furthermore, Dubai Internet City hosts a number of call center operations in the realm of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).  Dubai Internet City also comes equipped with such services as Telephony; Hosting Services; Local Area Networking; Wide Area Networking; and Internet Services.   Internet services include Burstable 2Mbps Internet Access for every business partner; Direct connectivity via a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Connection; Virtual e-mail addresses; Virtual Mail Server; Web hosting; Domain name services; FTP services; and Static IP addresses. 

In addition, various billing options are available including volume based and flat billing.  Volume based billing ensures that business partners still have access to the full capacity of the line but pay only for the amount of capacity utilized.  Flat billing is billing regardless of volume.

Why Dubai Internet City?

Three company vehicles are possible within Dubai Internet City:

  1. Branch of Foreign Company (any offshore company must have been incorporated for at least two years to qualify).
  2. Branch of UAE based Company (including other UAE free zone licensees).
  3. Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC).


Application Form

In addition to the application form, legal documentation is required depending on which company vehicle one would like to incorporate and whether it is being incorporated by a natural or corporate entity.

First Steps @ Dubai Internet City Option

Laws and Regulations Relating to Internet City

Posted on 5th August 2010 by Camille Paldi

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